Hi! My name is Pear Phongsawad, and I am a Personal Fashion Stylist based in Los Angeles. I've been in the styling business for 2 years now and work with professionals to accomplish their wardrobe needs. Previously, I've assisted on set for designer lookbooks, editorial shoots and have styled clients virtually through Stitch Fix. 

Growing up, clothing stores were always my favorite place to be as I saw it as a means of self-exploration and putting your personality on display As your own fashion choices evolve over time, I truly believe that clothes have the powerful ability to express who you are and who you want to be. 

This is why I created Style by Pear - a platform for self-expression and helping other women curate a wardrobe that not only reflects their individuality but also opens a door to a whole new level of confidence. What I want to achieve goes beyond fashion. I want to help women create the best version of themselves. Looking great & feeling great in your clothes can trickle down and tremendously improve other avenues of your life such as your relationships and your career. 

I'm excited to take on this stylish journey with you whenever you're ready to start this adventure together. If you are interested in booking me as your Personal Stylist or have any further questions about my services, please contact me at stylebypear@gmail.com.