Floral Bodysuit

You guys know my love for bodysuits and how I hope it never goes out of style because it's one of the most versatile trends. I have always owned neutral bodysuits like black or blush but have never explored printed bodysuits. I came across this super vibrant piece from Zara (similar version here!) which screams summer and instantly gets me excited for this floral season. It also came with shoulder pads which I thought I would initially dislike but ended up really loving how it adds structure to the overall look. Pair it with skinny jeans and a statement belt to define the waist. Finish off the outfit with burnt orange mules to play off the colors from the bodysuit and tie the look together. For this attire, less is more with accessories since there are two statement pieces in the outfit already (bodysuit + belt), so I opted out of wearing any jewelry and kept it minimal. 

What are your thoughts on bodysuits? Are you a fan and if so, have you tried printed styles? 

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