Mustard Muse

One time I had a boyfriend who once told me yellow was not my color and ever since then I believed him -- up until recently, I discovered my new found love for the color mustard and completely decided to dismiss his views. Clothes over Bros, am I right? 

There's something very warm and cozy about mustard. Maybe because it started off as such a fall color and reminds me of the brisk leaves, the transition into sweater weather and the holiday season. Now, I see this color becoming a year-round staple. It's no longer only meant for Fall. You can certainly rock mustard in the spring and even summer. It's all about finding the right shade and fabric and pairing it with lighter neutrals. This outfit isn't the greatest example as I took these photos during winter but I plan to incorporate this sweater (which is surprisingly lightweight and airy) into the upcoming season by sporting it with light-washed denim or a printed floral skirt. 

How about you - do you own any mustard colored items in your closet? 

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