Summer Wrap Tops

I'm ready to wave good-bye to summer and welcome fall soon with open arms. Before I let go of this sunny season, I must say that wrap tops were (and still going strong) such a huge hit across fashion retailers as it is undoubtedly the biggest trend this year. Cinching around the waist with a tie, it's easy to flatter the figure no matter what shape you are, and it creates such a beautiful silhouette. I love the different colors and prints that I've seen with wrap tops, and easily enough the striped style take home as a favorite for me. It's absolutely classic and screams summer with its nautical essence. It probably comes to no surprise that mixing this top with red accessories (or in my case a backdrop) is the perfect marriage to complete the look. 

What do you think of the wrap top this past summer, and did you ever add it to your collection?

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