Good Bye to Faux Fur Jackets

Now that we're about to head into summer, I'm going to have to bid farewell to my beloved faux fur jacket and embrace more lightweight and airy fabrics. Although this jacket is a winter staple, it's still a great neutral if you live in a cold environment for the majority of the calendar year. It instantly elevates any look with an effortless sophistication and extravagance. Because of the formal aesthetic of the jacket, I always like to keep the rest of the pieces minimal or very casual to tone down the outfit. For instance, my Mickey tee and high waisted jeans is such a relaxed look alone that throwing on the jacket gives more dimension. 

I can't wait until November hits again when I can spring this beauty out again, but in the meantime towards the back of the closet you shall go. 

Are there any winter staples or trends you're currently having withdrawals? 

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