Bronze Off the Shoulder Top

 In my wardrobe, I own a lot of navy, tan, and black pieces (of course), but I naturally do not gravitate towards bronze or any brown tones. It's a color I never thought looked great on me, and with that assumption, I avoided it and continue to stack on more of my neutral favorites. However, over the past couple of months as my style continues to evolve and I'm being more experimental with new trends and colors, I love discovering new pieces that challenges you to think differently. 

When I stumbled upon this bronze off the shoulder top at Zara, it has such a natural glitz and glam that it was hard to miss in the store. I love anything that sparkles so it immediately caught my attention. Normally with any brown top, it's usually a pass for me, but this top has such an effortless sophistication and playful tone, I knew it would be a fun piece to add to my collection. What I've learned with fashion is to give everything a try and any color, style or trend can look good on anybody if you give it a chance. 

Were there any colors that you disliked wearing and suddenly became a fan of it later in life? 

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