Airport Style

As I'm writing this to you now I'll be in Munich, Germany! First time visiting this country and for a spectacular occasion- Oktoberfest. Cannot wait to indulge in German beer and festivities. I hear it's absolutely wild, and I can't wait for the adventure. After Munich, I'll be venturing off to Paris next which I'm incredibly ecstatic about. Even though I've been recently this year, I'm so excited to return with friends, because you can never have too much of Paris. 

NY Fashion Week, Fall 2016 - Favorite Looks

As New York Fashion Week comes to a end, I can't help but still be in complete awe and daydream at all the beautiful collections displayed for Spring 2017. No doubt that I'm obsessed with my favorite designers, but what I also enjoy about NYFW is discovering new talent and seeing their collection come to life. In terms of trends, I love that there is an abundant usage of satin, metallic, and lace - sometimes a head to toe look.

Transitioning from Summer to Fall

Although it's the middle of September it still feels like fall hasn't completely kicked in yet and summer is lingering around. Between this transition, I like to mix different elements of each season to create a look that celebrates the best of both fall and summer. 

Mustard Jumpsuit

Can't believe it's already September and fall is right around the corner. Summer is still on my mind as it always is the case when living in Los Angeles because cooler temperatures don't normally hit until end of October. In the meantime, I'll still be flaunting my summer gear but begin to work different fall elements into the next coming weeks.