Bomber Jackets

You know you're obsessed with a certain style when you buy it in three or more colors. That's exactly how I feel right now with bomber jackets. I've been loving athletic wear in general and bombers have a super casual and effortlessly cool vibe to them. They are appearing everywhere and are becoming a staple item for Fall. In addition to their laid-back style, bomber jackets totally fall under 90s fashion, which would explain why I love it so much. First chokers, then Adidas sneakers, and now bombers jackets. Take me back to those high school days already. 

Last Days of Summer

Although summer is slowly coming to an end, the high temperatures are saying so otherwise. Some days I can't wait to peace out and say hello to that Fall breezy weather. And then there's days where I embrace the heat and wish it could linger on for a couple more weeks.

Party Pants

Thank goodness the weekend has arrived! You can bet I'll be celebrating with a glass of wine in my hand. Although I'm usually in party mode when Friday arrives (or couch potato style if it's been a long week) I like to keep it casual with a fun pair of shorts and a sleek black top. 

All of the Whites

There's something refreshing about an all-white look. I'm always hesitant to wear white, let alone an entire outfit because I'm clumsy and know that a spill or mark is bound to happen. All fear aside, I decided to take the plunge and just go for it!

Cotton Candy Crush

As this season starts to come to an end and Fall will begin trickling in, I've been wearing a ton of color and embracing pastels like there's no tomorrow. 

Hourglass Vanish Foundation Review

I've always been a fan of the Hourglass brand especially their iconic highlighters, so when Influenster offered to send me their new Vanish Foundation to try out I was completely ecstatic. 

Marble Dress

There's been no print in all of print history that has become truly my favorite as marble. Earrings, iPhone cases, laptop sleeves, sunglasses - you name it! Call me obsessed but I never get tired of this design. However, there was one missing piece from my collection - and that was clearly a marble dress. 

Catch Flights Not Feelings

Lately I've been caught by the travel bug and have the sudden urge to explore a whole new city. That's why this tee spells out my mantra perfectly - travel often and enjoy life!  C'est la vie!