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I've always been inspired to start a travel series on my blog, and since I'll be leaving for London and Paris this weekend, timing couldn't be more perfect. When it comes to packing for a trip, I tend to be very guilty of either overpacking or not bringing enough options. Never just the right amount. However, I am very adamant on doing it right this time and after weeks of preparation and excitement, I have narrowed it down to a couple of my essentials below! 

In terms of clothing, I believe packing stylish but versatile pieces are important in maximizing your outfit choices and freeing up your suitcase for other things like souvenirs or new clothes from your vacation! 

Tops = Sticking to classic pieces like a loose knit sweater  or a chambraylacy, and a striped top can easily allow you to create multiple looks.
Jeans = Since jeans tend to take up a lot of room because of the thick material I recommend limiting yourself to 2-3 options. These blackwhite, and distressed jeans are different but can easily mix and match with the tops.
Dresses = I love wearing dresses on trips as they're super comfy and hassle free. This shirt dress is simply chic, and so easy to dress up or down especially with the loose knit sweater to drape over for a more casual look.
Coats = Since I'll be traveling to Europe an outerwear piece is an absolute must, and this maroon coat has such a lovely structure with a rich shade.
Handbag = Bringing a sturdy and functional cross-body is definitely important. I highly suggest one with a zipper or something with an enclosed top to ensure it's sealed, so you don't have to worry about pick pockets. I adore this animal print cross-body, and this cognac number. Both options will easily pair with any outfit.

Scarves = If you're going on a trip where the weather is a little uncertain I definitely recommend packing scarves like this printed and marble scarf for an easy throw on especially if it gets chilly during the evening. Also they easily spice up a look if you're packing only a few clothing items! 

Shoes = Comfy shoes are key when you'll be walking the majority of the time, so I recommend these classic black vans and these beige oxfords. One time I walked so much that the shoe literally broke into three pieces. Yikes! So lesson learned, don't be me, and bring some long-lasting comfy sneakers!  

Makeup Bag = Now before we get crazy and pack the whole aisle of Sephora, choosing a sturdy and small travel bag to carry all your makeup and skincare essentials is a great place to start. This makeup bag is a convenient size and has a ton of storage. 

Moisturizer = It's no doubt that your skin can get dry when traveling especially while on an airplane, so you definitely don't want to forget a good moisturizer like this super hydrating staple from Clinique.

Lip Mask = Along with dry skin, keeping your lips moisturized is equally as important. Personally, bringing a lip mask to apply in the evenings can make a huge difference in nourishing your lips versus applying chapstick every hour of the day. 

Cleansing Wipes = You never know how your skin will react when you're in a different city or country so bringing face wipes that's good for sensitive skin is an absolute must. 

Sunscreen - Most likely if you're traveling or vacationing, you're definitely spending a lot of time outdoors and getting sunburnt is no fun. This super convenient SPF Kit comes with a makeup setting spray, coconut sunscreen spray, and a peppermint balm, which all have SPF 30. 

Perfume = It's not easy to pack perfume especially when most of the bottles are made of glass and in a huge container. These spray bottles are TSA friendly and make it so easy to spritz on the go. 

Makeup = When it comes to packing makeup, I can't help but bring as many options as possible. The key is sticking to your everyday beauty routine and choosing what's necessary. Personally, I can't live without eyeliner and a good foundation. I recommend my holy-grail waterproof eyeliner (seriously long-lasting!) and a tinted gel foundation  that will provide a combo of hydration and coverage. As for eyeshadows,  I love finding a palette like this one from Tarte that not only contains neutral shadows, but also a bronzer, blush, and a giant mirror. Doesn't get easier than that. 

Portable Cell Phone Charger = If you're like me, snapping a ton of pictures everywhere and Snapchatting throughout the day can easily drain your battery. Without a doubt, you'll need a power bank to charge things on the go. 

Packing Cubes = Not absolutely necessary, but these pack-it folders can be really helpful when organizing clothes in your suitcase and maximizing as much room as possible. 

Eyewear Case = As a natural klutz, this simple item is a huge life savior for me. I don't know how many times an Eyewear Pouch has helped protect my lens from breaking which would cost me hundreds from replacing. 

Charger Organizer = If you're a techie and plan to bring you cell phone, laptop, iPad, etc then I recommend getting an organizer like this leather one to keep all the chargers from tangling with one another. I've never successfully gone traveling without at least one of them ending up in a messy knot, so this really helps.

Passport Holder = Mostly for stylish purposes, this passport holder is vibrant, fun, and stands out so you can easily identify it in your carry-on bag.

Travel Guides = I love bringing magazines or informative books along the trip for a source of guidance. Bright Lights Paris has visually beautiful and inspiring content filled with a ton of amazing recommendations by locals.

Luggage Locator  = Now this might sound extreme, but I'm super paranoid about losing my suitcase(s), and honestly no one is 100% safe since this can happen at any airline. If you have valuables or are just super precious to your belongings (who isn't?), then buying a luggage tracker might keep you at ease. 

Whether you have upcoming travels or are doing a staycation nearby, I hope you found this guide helpful and have a fantastic getaway. 


  1. Ahhh!! Love these travel essentials!! I'm especially loving the marble phone chargers!!

    xx Olivia

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  3. Perfect travel essentials!

    xoxo, CiCi

  4. Love these travel essentials! Especially the sunglasses case! I am heading to London and Brussels in June and will be packing similarly!

    xo JW

  5. Love this! I'm going to be traveling so much this summer, and I'm bookmarking this to refer to when packing! Thanks for sharing babe. Hugs, Kait

  6. Great packing tips! I love the maroon hat you have pictured!

  7. That marble cell phone charger. LOVE. NEED. AHH.
    XO Amanda |

  8. I'm considering getting that cell phone charger cuz...marbleeee <3 Such a comprehensive post - thanks for sharing, Pear!

    Gunjan |

  9. These are all so perfect and necessary! I'm slowly working my way up to perfecting my travel gear and my travel packing so these are all perfect choices of the things I need to save up to buy
    Kat | Delirium Style

  10. Great minds think alike! Such useful tips. That luggage tracker is priceless!!

    xoxo Kylen | Kylen Every Wear

  11. That charger organizer is beautiful! I'm all for monogrammed items and that's perfect.


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