2016 Pantone Color of the Year Dress

Every year I love to embrace Pantone colors and challenge myself to incorporate it in my wardrobe when I want to change up my look. You may recall my blog post that I wrote in the beginning of the year on how to wear the new 2016 Pantone colors. I think it's a bit tricky this year since Pantone dubbed TWO colors - rose quarts and serenity, but that didn't stop me! I was on a quest to find the perfect outfit or dress that would have a fusion of the these two gorgeous colors.
After hours of endless online scouting (it's a tough job, but someone has to do it),  I stumbled upon this beautiful maxi dress at Nordstrom. The silhouette and high-low cut of the dress really drew me in because it had such a feminine and flirty appeal to it, showing the right amount of skin but not being over-revealing.

Most of all, I couldn't take my eyes off the floral print and the unexpectedly gorgeous combination of rose quarts and serenity. I'm excited to flaunt this dress at events like spring weddings, tropical vacations, and of course the regular Sunday brunches. 

And with the perfect pantone dress you got to have the right accessories to go with it, am I right? I found this lovely baby blue handbag from Target along with these nude heels from Nordstrom to brighten and lighten the look even more. 

What are your thoughts on the 2016 Pantone colors and how do you plan to embrace it? 

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  1. I can't stop looking at your sunglasses! They're gorgeous ☺
    Nati xx

  2. This dress with those sunglasses is a hit!

  3. Love that dress and the matching bag! Great look!

    Lifestyle by Joules

  4. Loled at this part,
    After hours of endless online scouting (it's a tough job, but someone has to do it).

    This dress and those heels are SO SO lovely on you. I'm obsessed! Need to check out that dress - ASAP!

  5. Perfection is the right way to describe this dress! Love that it is sexy but classy too!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  6. Such a gorgeous dress love!!! Hugs, Kait

  7. That dress really is pure pantone perfection! I might just need one myself!

    xx | jordan taylor | www.petitemodernblog.com

  8. What a perfect dress featuring the Pantone colors of year! You look stunning!
    <3, Mindy

  9. What a gorgeous dress! Love all of your accessories as well, great post!

  10. Such a pretty dress - I love that color on you!


  11. WOW!!! You look amazing in this dress! Pantone perfection!! LOVELY!

  12. Ok, first of all..you slayed this dress! You seriously look amazing! Second of all, I LOVE how you paired the edginess of the sunnies with the feminine floral print. You know what's my jam, right? Absolute perfection!

  13. Love your dress, and you are so pretty

    Constance Stokes MissyDresshop