Five Easy Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Closet

Spring cleaning is almost among us, but before you prepare to purge your closet and toss 80% of your wardrobe out the door, you may want to give a couple pieces a second try. Within all that chaos we love to call our closet, there's hidden gems and styling ideas we may haven't uncovered yet. All that can be discovered with a few organization tips to help train your eye and expand your closet even more. 
1. Organize your closet and give it some structure

Recently, I began merchandising my closet and sectioning off areas based by garment, style, and length. It makes a huge difference in leveraging all your items by category and allows you to find certain pieces easier (e.g. crop tops, skirts, jackets, coats, pants, maxi dresses) 

2. Use your dress as a top or skirt
As simple as it sounds, sometimes we forget that dresses are multifunctional and can be used as the top or bottom portion when paired with another piece. Recently, I did this with my New Years Eve dress. This rule definitely works well with a statement dress that you may be afraid to repeat several times. Tie on a chambray top or pop on leather skirt to add a cool factor to it, and kaboom - it's a completely different look! 

3.     Invest in a good vest for layering

Now the goal may be to avoid buying MORE, but if there's one piece you should purchase that can be used repeatedly in multiple outfits - it's vests! They're super versatile, whether it's a classic black or a fun print, and they easily elevate any outfit. 

4. Three - Outfit Rule 

I always believe that for every top there should at least be three minimum ways to style it, otherwise it's not really worth the buy. To begin this purge and see everything you have, I recommend taking everything out of your closet. Then put solid colors on one pile and prints in another. Categorize it even more, but this time by top and bottom. You should now have four different piles (1. Printed Tops, 2. Printed Bottoms, 3. Solid colored tops, 4. Solid colored pants). With this visually laid out, it allows you to think creatively and consider options you not realized you have. 

5. Challenge yourself to mix prints

Going off the previous tip with your clothes sectioned into different categories, look at the different array of patterns you have and consider styling them together. Mixing prints isn't necessarily ground breaking in fashion, but it's definitely a technique that doesn't cross most of our minds quite often unless that's instinctively your everyday style. For example, I purchased paisley shorts and only envisioned wearing it with a bright orange top. Little did I know at the moment, it would pair really well with other complementary prints in my closet too. 


  1. Awesome tips! I didn't think about the 3 outfit rule, but will try to apply it from now on!


  2. Great tips! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I love these looks!!! Hugs,Kait