New Year's Eve Look - Sparkly Rose Gold Jumpsuit

The New Year is right around the corner and I cannot wait to finally ring in 2017. For every new years celebration, sparkles are absolutely a must and boy do I have the perfect outfit for this occasion! 

Metallic Shorts

And just like that, Christmas flew by so quickly in a blink of an eye, and we're getting closer to starting 2017! I hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend celebrating with loved ones. I'm currently in Texas spending time with my family and big shocker - it's disappointingly warm over here!

Holiday Fashion Guide

As the most wonderful time of the year rolls in, the festivities and holiday parties follow shortly thereafter. Now, I always love a good excuse to get dolled up and throw on a fancy dress. With so many exciting events to look forward to, I've put together a holiday dress AND accessories guide for you guys. And not only that, everything here is LESS than $100. As a current broke girl myself (holiday shopping completely devoured my wallet), I definitely wanted to provide stylish but attainable options. 

Velvet Jumpsuit

Stemming from the 90s, I love that velvet has made a strong comeback. It is an incredibly festive trend for winter and has such a dressy yet cozy vibe to it. This fabric can add instant glam and luxury depending on the silhouette of the item.

Leather and Burnt Orange

At first glance you might think these burnt orange culottes are pants, but it's actually a jumpsuit as you can see in my post here! Jumpsuits are my favorite fashion piece to own mainly because they practically serve as onesies and don't require a lot of thinking. After wearing this jumpsuit multiple times, I started thinking of how I can style and make it look different. 

10 Cute Sweaters and Cozy Winter Accessories You Need

Layers and textures and sweaters - oh my! I'm unbelievably excited December has rolled in and cold temperatures finally kicked in (ha LA you're always late). With winter right around the corner, I must confess this season allows me to feel lazy and get away with soft, flowy and loose clothing dominating my closet. Must be why I'm such a fan of sweaters and wrapping myself in a poncho or a fluffy faux fur vest. 

Neutral and Light Colors

I think this is one of the last days I can get away with wearing shorts in the fall before I fully transform into pea coats and scarves. I definitely like to take advantage of the warmth and sun by utilizing my summer clothes just a wee bit longer. Cannot wait to transition into my new winter wardrobe once my online Black Friday purchases arrive - so excited for sweaters, scarves, and boots! 

Rose Gold Jacket

Happy Wednesday! Really excited for this short week and how it's almost Thanksgiving. Looking forward to the relaxing long weekend ahead even though I won't be traveling back for the holiday. Staycations are underrated and can be surprisingly fulfilling too. 

Vertical Striped Pants

Stripes have always been a classic and universal print for decades. As much as I adore this timeless design, I'm not always keen to horizontal stripes because it can sometimes make me appear wider than normal. However, when I stumbled upon these vertical striped trousers, I could tell it would serve as quite the opposite and be super flattering on many body types. 

How to Wear White During Fall

When I think of fall, I instantly picture colors such as cognac, olive, and navy. Anything that resembles the changing leaves and the transition into warmer, deeper hues is how I imagine this cozy season. While I do adore the combination of these darker shades, I like adding in another color to help contrast and balance out an entire look

French Connection Fall Dress Collection

Now that fall is upon us, I've been excited to add some new pieces to our wardrobe and officially transition to different colors, textures, and styles for the season. When French Connection reached out to me about their Fall collection, I was thrilled and couldn't wait to check out what they had in store, especially their dresses.

Blush Maxi Skirt

 Blush is a beautiful and extremely popular color to wear during spring. However, for a couple of years now this lovely light pink shade has been adapted into fall and has become one of the signature colors for the season. With the right color balance, soft pink hues an be a sophisticated and feminine addition to your fall wardrobe. 

Fall Wish List

Fall is such an exciting time of the year and in my opinion, the most stylish season of all. The endless layers, thicker fabrics, experimenting with different textures, and deeper hues are what makes fashion an incredibly fun and chic this time of year. 

Burnt Orange

One of my favorite shades for this season is burnt orange. Not only because it's my alma mater's colors (gotta love my longhorns!) but it's an incredibly rich and vibrant shade that reminds me of leaves changing. It's a color that can serve as a great neutral but also a beautiful statement shade in its own. 

Earth Tones

Fall has finally arrived and one of my favorite things about October are the leaves changing colors. The beautiful array of red, yellow and orange shades give the season such a vibrant and fresh makeover. I love taking it all in. Although I won't get to see so much of these fall leaves in Los Angeles, I like to reflect it in my style and add more earthy tones to my wardrobe. 

Fall Floral Romper

In one of my favorite films "The Devil Wears Prada" Miranda Priestly, played by the amazing Meryl Streep, quoted "Florals for spring? Groundbreaking". It is undoubtedly a hilarious movie and extremely quotable. And while, her line rings very true about the season's obvious trend I love that florals have become a more common print for fall as well. 

Airport Style

As I'm writing this to you now I'll be in Munich, Germany! First time visiting this country and for a spectacular occasion- Oktoberfest. Cannot wait to indulge in German beer and festivities. I hear it's absolutely wild, and I can't wait for the adventure. After Munich, I'll be venturing off to Paris next which I'm incredibly ecstatic about. Even though I've been recently this year, I'm so excited to return with friends, because you can never have too much of Paris. 

NY Fashion Week, Fall 2016 - Favorite Looks

As New York Fashion Week comes to a end, I can't help but still be in complete awe and daydream at all the beautiful collections displayed for Spring 2017. No doubt that I'm obsessed with my favorite designers, but what I also enjoy about NYFW is discovering new talent and seeing their collection come to life. In terms of trends, I love that there is an abundant usage of satin, metallic, and lace - sometimes a head to toe look.

Transitioning from Summer to Fall

Although it's the middle of September it still feels like fall hasn't completely kicked in yet and summer is lingering around. Between this transition, I like to mix different elements of each season to create a look that celebrates the best of both fall and summer. 

Mustard Jumpsuit

Can't believe it's already September and fall is right around the corner. Summer is still on my mind as it always is the case when living in Los Angeles because cooler temperatures don't normally hit until end of October. In the meantime, I'll still be flaunting my summer gear but begin to work different fall elements into the next coming weeks. 

Bomber Jackets

You know you're obsessed with a certain style when you buy it in three or more colors. That's exactly how I feel right now with bomber jackets. I've been loving athletic wear in general and bombers have a super casual and effortlessly cool vibe to them. They are appearing everywhere and are becoming a staple item for Fall. In addition to their laid-back style, bomber jackets totally fall under 90s fashion, which would explain why I love it so much. First chokers, then Adidas sneakers, and now bombers jackets. Take me back to those high school days already. 

Last Days of Summer

Although summer is slowly coming to an end, the high temperatures are saying so otherwise. Some days I can't wait to peace out and say hello to that Fall breezy weather. And then there's days where I embrace the heat and wish it could linger on for a couple more weeks.

Party Pants

Thank goodness the weekend has arrived! You can bet I'll be celebrating with a glass of wine in my hand. Although I'm usually in party mode when Friday arrives (or couch potato style if it's been a long week) I like to keep it casual with a fun pair of shorts and a sleek black top. 

All of the Whites

There's something refreshing about an all-white look. I'm always hesitant to wear white, let alone an entire outfit because I'm clumsy and know that a spill or mark is bound to happen. All fear aside, I decided to take the plunge and just go for it!

Cotton Candy Crush

As this season starts to come to an end and Fall will begin trickling in, I've been wearing a ton of color and embracing pastels like there's no tomorrow. 

Hourglass Vanish Foundation Review

I've always been a fan of the Hourglass brand especially their iconic highlighters, so when Influenster offered to send me their new Vanish Foundation to try out I was completely ecstatic. 

Marble Dress

There's been no print in all of print history that has become truly my favorite as marble. Earrings, iPhone cases, laptop sleeves, sunglasses - you name it! Call me obsessed but I never get tired of this design. However, there was one missing piece from my collection - and that was clearly a marble dress.