Ultimate Holiday Dress Guide for Any Occasion

Since holiday season has kicked in, what better way to celebrate the most festive time of the year than by dressing up and enjoying time with family and friends. Personally, I love this month because there's always a ton of fun parties and events to be had! Whether you're attending a low-key get together with friends, a funky thematic sweater party or (my favorite) a little more upscale holiday party, there's always so many choices on what to wear!

I put together a guide of all my top picks for each occasion, so I got you fully covered wherever you go or whatever your style may be! 

As mentioned, this is probably my favorite type of holiday shindig! I love the glamour appeal and being able to incorporate a ton of lace and sparkle. For my company holiday party, I wore the navy lace maxi dress and absolutely adored the fit. It was elegant and the slit was perfect, just the right amount of skin. So if you're considering this dress, I highly recommend it and would wear it again in a heartbeat. 

Even though these choices are a lot more low key than the holiday soiree options, it still has a ton of fun and festive elements to it. With winter in full gear , you can never go wrong with lots of plaid, sparkle and faux fur. I'm also a huge fan of bow tied tops and lace detailing because it has a very romantic touch to it.

Sometimes you just can't take yourself seriously and Ugly (or not) Sweater Parties are a great way to celebrate that life motto. These options are all extremely cozy and are purely fun. Definitely wanted to have humorous sweaters (anybody a huge Elf fan?) in the mix with a more classic sweater like the reindeer option.