5 Books for Blogging Inspiration

They say to never judge a book by it's cover. While I do believe there's a lot of truth behind that saying, these six books are aesthetically so well designed BUT also have a ton of valuable and inspiring content. I am such a book nerd, and when it comes to fashion I love immersing myself in a good read filled with tons of beautiful photography.

In today's post, I put together a list of my top six books that I think every blogger would enjoy and appreciate. It's definitely tailored more to fashion, personal style, and interior design but I think a lot of people can easily find inspiration in these books. Plus, the gorgeous book designs can double up as decor for your coffee table or book shelf.

Refinery 29: Style Stalking - This is truly a wonderful guide that explains the different types of street styles (such as mixing prints, bright colors, ladylike, etc.) and how to implement them on your own.  I found this very helpful as I don't normally dabble into all styles but reading it certainly encourages me to experiment and helps me achieve the look.

Tales from the Back Row - I'm not done reading this yet but I have got to say it's very entertaining and comical so far. Amy Odell has spent a fair amount of her career in the fashion industry and for someone like myself who wants to transition into that world, I'm finding this book immensely fascinating and insightful. Definitely a nice behind-the-scenes look into a fast-paced and intensely competitive fashion profession.  It also has that perfect amount of wit that makes me want to continuously flip through and read more.

Love Style Life - Now this one, I must say I have yet to get my hands on it, but I wanted to suggest it as I've heard nothing but amazing things about this book. Everybody is recommending it from left to right, and the fact that it's written from a fellow blogger I'm motivated to buy it already. Not only does it have such an elegant cover and photography inside, it's always interesting to read about a published blogger and their perspective on shopping, makeup, and fashion weeks.

Bright Lights Paris - Filled with gorgeous photos of Paris, this book will make you want to instantly buy a plane ticket to the city of lights. It's filled with such great dining, shopping, and scenic recommendations. Even if you don't frequently travel or have an upcoming trip, there's still a lot of beauty to take from this book, and I personally love to live variously through the author as if I am looking right at the Eiffel Tower.

Lauren Conrad Style Book - As one of my favorite style icons, how can I not suggest LC's book? I love her classic and effortless Cali style that of course buying her book was an absolute must. What I like about her book the most is that it's for the everyday girl, not the modern day celebrity that can splurge on every piece of clothing. It's relatable and the visuals stunning.

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