Halloween 2015

 Ever since I was a little kid, I've always loved Halloween and the thrill of coming up with a creative costume to put together. Couple or group costumes are one of my favorites, and so this year for our company Halloween party, my colleague and I decided to dress up as fruits. And ironically enough, I chose anything but the obvious and went with the ever so tropical fruit: a pineapple! 
As you can see, our costumes were super easy to create. Luckily, I found the perfect yellow dress on sale at H&M. It was the right shade and even though you can't see it on picture, the dress had a lot of texture. All that was left was the green part, which I thought would be the hardest, but still a pretty simple process that included one green poster, a black headband, and a lot of glue. Ten minutes later and a few burnt fingers from the glue gun, the headpiece was complete and quite sturdy to wear as well!

What are you dressing up for Halloween?! 


  1. I love your costume! I can't believe your head piece only took 10 minutes to make. It looks really nice! :)

    Amy | http://amypham.me