Stripes on Stripes

If you can't tell already from my previous post, I kind of have an obsession with jumpsuits. I don't know if it's due to the ease of getting ready in the morning and not having to think much in terms of styling two separate pieces together. Or it could be due to the fact that it's makes me feel more elongated. For whatever reason it may be, I think everyone should jump on board this jumpsuit train! 

I'm a huge fan of this pretty number here bought from a local store in LA called Hardwear. Although it's a neutral look, the vertical lines still gives a bold and striking appeal while making me feel leaner and taller. To keep the outfit monochromatic, I paired my jumpsuit with a crisp white Clare V clutch with polka dots. A little bit of print mixing never hurt anyone :) 

And since this piece is one of my closet favorites, you can bet that as we enter in the new season I'll be adding some layers and style it differently, so I can continue wearing it regardless of the brisk weather. 

How do you plan on wearing jumpsuits during Fall? 


Jumpsuit: Hardwear (similar)
Clutch: Clare V


  1. I like jumpsuits and b&w, so win win! Looks great on you!

  2. You look very pretty in that jumpsuit! Very nice photos!

  3. I am such a fan of jumpsuits myself, they are the best! This striped version looks amazing on you and love the Clare V clutch :)

    xoxo Nicole