5 Ways to Wear the Marble Trend

I'm sure you've probably seen marble popping around everywhere in various forms. Inspired by the interior world, this print is simply chic with a sophisticated flair that makes this trend an instant hit among fashion lovers everywhere. There's many ways to incorporate marble in your wardrobe, especially if you're still trying it out but don't want to go all out in a head to toe look just yet.

1. Jewelry - This is probably my favorite type of accessory for marble. It adds such an elegant vibe to an overall look whether you're wearing a dainty bracelet or a statement necklace. There's probably many other jewelry brands with the marble design, but I grabbed pieces mainly from the Kendra Scott collection because I fell in love with all four. I really think Kendra Scott did a great job curating marble in a way that's wearable for women of various styles. 

2. Handbags/Clutches - If you want to add more impact to your look with marble, then sporting the trend on your arm is the next best thing. Several retailers online had some expensive pieces, but these (left, right, and middle) have great prices! The white canvas makes the print appear almost like a neutral which allows for an effortless addition to your current outfit without clashing. On the other hand, a solid color outfit will also make the marble pop even more. Try out a mulberry shade or a lovely emerald color for Fall! 

3. Technology Accessories - If you're a tech addict like myself, then you'll love to add some style to your favorite gadgets with marble. It's not an overpowering print to begin with, so it's not a design you'll easily get tired of. Marble is such a sleek and elegant design that is super stylish yet job appropriate if you work in a more conservative environment. Whether you're bringing around your laptop to business meetings , jamming to music on your earphones at the gym, or playing around on your iPhone, the design is absolutely striking, but not too bold for everyday occasions.
4. Sunglasses - I'm slowly but surely building up my sunglass collection. After all, I do live in sunny Los Angeles, so that's always a good excuse to buy more sunglasses, am I right? A more affordable pair to check out is the Quay brand, which has a thick, chunky frame. Definitely a fun and playful look. For a more sophisticated and glamorous look, check out Dolce and Gabbana and Miu Miu. These sunnies will definitely elevate your look whether you're sporting a casual weekend look or a fancy attire. 

5. Nails - I have yet to try out marble on my hands, but it's definitely a good middle ground between a french manicure and a funky nail design. This is probably the most affordable way to test out marble since there's so many at-home tutorials like this one here.

What do you think of the marble trend, and what way would you wear it? 



  1. Marble necklaces and nail polishes look gorgeous!


  2. Great pieces!