If I could wear anything for the rest of my life, it would easily be a jumpsuit! 
Jumpsuits, long rompers, onesies - whatever you call them, they're so versatile and easy to slip on without having to think too much about styling. I love how effortless they are and how it elongates the body. 

I got this particular one at Zara on sale for $20! Such a steal. The quality is impeccable, and I love how well tailored the jumpsuit is, especially for the price. The belt that came with the outfit cinches the waist for a more polished look, and overall this ensemble transitions well professionally during the day to an evening look for drinks with friends.

Are you a fan of jumpsuits?



  1. This jumpsuit is so stylish and classy! Love it :)


  2. I'm a huge fan of jumpsuits and I love this one on you!

    I also really love your pretty bright bag.

    Something About That

  3. I'm a huge fan of jumpsuits as well, love that they are so popular this season. You look great.

    Mimi & Chichi

  4. I love that jumpsuit! I think if I could pick anything to wear, it would be neoprene dresses, I love them! This jumpsuit is so gorgeous on you and I love it with the pop of color from your shoes and bag!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  5. Love a good jumpsuit and you found the perfect classic one! I can't believe you only spent $20!


  6. I completely agree with wanting to wear jumpsuits all the time! The only thing is they're so hard to get the right fit - always too long at the top or too short.

    Angelina Is

  7. Love the jumpsuit! It's such a classic look and I love how you paired it with such a bright accessory with your purse!

    be the plebeian

  8. Those are amazing statement sunnies!


  9. I agree! Jumpsuits are comfortable and so versatile. <3 You look beautiful!