Spring Wish List

There's a lot of things I've been coveting lately as we transition into Spring and prepare ourselves for warmer weather ahead. I'm currently going through my closet and doing a bit of Spring cleaning to make way for some exciting fresh items for the season. Honestly, every week I discover something new that I want to add to this list, so don't be surprised if I roll out a wish list quite frequently this month :) 

1. Lace Mini Dress - I'm obsessed with lace detailing, especially for this season. Mix lace with a bold color like this gorgeous magenta shade with an intricate open back and voila - a perfectly feminine and romantic look for the season.

2. Playful Light-Colored Shades - I recently discovered a sunglass brand called Quay Australia, and I'm a huge fan of their styles. I really like the Steel Cat, because it has a funky and glamorous vibe in a beautiful gold/bronze color.

3. Nude Leather Heels - This is the one thing I lack the most in my closet, and I strongly believe it's a a must-have, not just for Spring for year-round. I've definitely been on a hunt for the perfect nude heels, and I'm really digging these from H&M because the chunky heels seems comfortable and the leather detailing adds a cool element to the style.

4. Dainty Jewelry - For Spring, I'm all about making a statement with clothes - whether that's vivid hues, pastel colors, bold prints, etc. To balance out the look, I like to wear dainty jewelry with outfits. I love the delicacy and simplicity of light-weight bracelets, earrings and necklaces for this time of year.

5. Accent Clutch - Something new I've taken an interest in is switching from crossover bags to clutches. Don't get me wrong - my Rebecca Minkoff bag is still extremely well-loved, and I will continue to use it for many years. However, I recently became obsessed with Clare V - I know I am very late in discovering their clutches, but wow they have a super cute selection! I narrowed it down to three, and the navy, red & white striped style is definitely my first pick!

6. Delicate Necklace with a Pop of Turquoise - Just to piggyback off the dainty jewelry, I love balancing spring outfits with light-weight jewelry pieces. I am a huge fan of turquoise, and I think it looks gorgeous combined with almost any colored outfit - whether it's neutrals or a bold hue. The contrast against a bright color will certainly complement each other.

7. Tropical Dress - I love this print, because it's so adorable and festive. While I do have a ton of floral dresses I'm obsessed with, I think palm trees add that extra element of fun and femininity. It definitely puts me in vacation mode instantly.

What's currently on your wish list?



  1. Mini sun dresses and cat eye sunnies are the best!


  2. Such a cute list! I hope you get something from it!

  3. I adore the lace in the back of the mini dress. A lovely little selection! Looking to buy some new sunglasses since the sun is deciding to grace us with her presence. x


  4. OMG I love those sunglasses! I recently discovered that brand as well and I love all of there models!
    I really want to purchase a pair of cat eye sunnies! Lovely picks girl <3 Kisses from Hungary xo

    Csenge | Csenge's Point

  5. Love that necklace! I agree with you that dainty jewelry is perfect for spring :)