Winter Skincare: The Cure to Dry Skin

This was probably one of the most brutal winters my poor skin had to battle. I constantly felt itchy, and probably applied lip balm almost every hour, because I would feel so uncomfortably dry quickly.

I decided in order to adapt to the season and take care of my skin better I had to change my habits such as taking sizzling hot showers, which probably does the complete opposite of hydrating my body (but feels oh so good!).  Something I factored into this issue was also my daily skincare regimen and investing in higher quality products that makes my skin feel rejuvenated, almost like I just returned from an all-day spa.

In the past couple of months, I've fell in love with these moisturizers, and have added them to my holy grail list! The lip mask is a new product that I just picked up from Sephora and is something I've never experienced before, but definitely an item I highly recommend to try.

These products are definitely worth checking out if you're struggling with extremely dry skin like myself. You'll thank me later ;)

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream - $30 This product is really multifunctional, because it can be used for both face and the whole body. If you don't want to go broke spending on many different items, this is the one item to buy that will serve you from head to toe.  The texture feels rich and velvety soft on your skin. Good for everyday use, and even better for nighttime.

Soap & Glory Righteous Butter Lotion ($22) - I'm a huge fan of their whole collection mainly because it smells so amazing! It has a very clean scent that isn't too overpowering either. It has such a thick and soft texture that is deeply hydrating on the skin. I used this lotion every night before I go to bed and the smell is very calming before hitting the Zzz's.

Kaplan Lip Mask Set ($23)- I went into Sephora couple of weeks ago inquiring for a lip scrub, but the sales rep recommended that I try this new lip mask set that recently launched stating that it is "life changing".  She said the Kaplan brand is typically pricey (over $50), but this set was such a steal! Basically all you do is apply the the mask on your lips for about 5-8 minutes and you will feel a tingly sensation. This product helps hydrate and plumps your lip too to make it appear more supple. After you remove the mask off your lips you follow up with the lip balm which has SPF. After using this set twice a week for a total of four applications, I do see a difference in my lips and notice it feels immensely softer than before. I wouldn't say that it is "life changing", and there isn't a lot of product with that high of a price tag, but I have really big lips, so my experience may be different than the average consumer. However I do think it is a solid deep conditioner for your lips, and will be included in my weekly regimen.

Have you tried any of these products and what are your favorite skincare items that help got you through winter?


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