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Sometimes it's hard to find your absolute favorite beauty products that work perfectly for your skin tone and perfectly for any occasion. These past couple of months, I've been loving the following items and have used it almost every single day. Not only do they work great for my 9-5 job, but the color and consistency of these products have amazing longevity for an easy day to night transition.

Check out the products below and why I highly recommend each one whether you're a beauty fanatic or just a gal searching for that minimalistic "no makeup" look.
Urban Decay Naked Liquid Foundation  - I think I've been using this foundation for at least 5 months now for almost every single day and yet it's still not empty (Thank God!) I went through many different seasons with this foundation - from summer to fall to winter - and it has never made my skin feel oily or dry. I usually go through that issue with liquid foundations, but this one seemed to do the trick. It provides a good balance between matte and dewy. The formula is really light and has great medium coverage.
Tarte Limited Edition Blush Palette - This was a limited edition Sephora item from Christmas 2014 with all new shades that can't be found in the current collection. Tarte is hands-down my go-to brand for blushes. They have a various array of shades that looks so natural and buildable with an instant glow to each color. My face honestly looks dull without their blushes; they really do make your face appear fresher and brighter.

Maybelline Highlighting Concealer - You do not want to see me before I apply this concealer on, because I will look like a zombie from "Walking Dead". Honestly, if I had to choose ONLY ONE makeup item to use before leaving the house, this would be it! I use it on my under-eyes (forming an upside-down triangle), along the sides of my nose to hide any redness, and between my eyebrows towards my nose (for a more contoured look). The consistency isn't too thick or drying; it blends really well using your ring finger. I also really like the packaging because it makes the application smoother and easier with a few twists. In my opinion concealer can truly transform your face even more than foundation, and it's an absolute essential in every girl's makeup bag.

Tarte Contour Brush - I use this hand in hand with my Too Faced bronzer. I love how there are two brushes in one, because both are so functional and important when wearing bronzer. The fluffier angled side is really helpful in blending away any harsh lines while the domed side is perfect for building up the color and contouring.

Charlotte Tilbury EyeShadow Palette in Dolce Vita - I got this as a Christmas present from my best friend, and I was so excited to try it because Charlotte Tilbury was a newly launched beauty brand at Nordstrom. I've never tried their products until this one, and I have got to say I was very impressed. What I love best about this neutral palette is that the shades are truly flattering and blend so well together. I literally use all the shades when I prep for my job in the morning (minus the glitter - although I do add that if we go to happy hour afterwards!) It is a very pricey item though ($52 - yikes!) but I personally think it's worth the splurge if it's something you will use on a regular basis.
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer - You will find yourself sniffing this bronzer every time you open this. Yes, it smells like chocolate heaven and yes, you will have a craving for sweets, but man this bronzer is the bomb! I love that it doesn't have that orange tint or it looks too "dirty" when you blend it in. This is a wonderful bronzer that I've been using for pretty much all of 2014. It's definitely great for medium and dark skinned tone ladies.

Mac Lipstick in Creme in Your Coffee - This is a really great color for everyday during the winter. It's a dark pinkish nude and looks amazing on any skin tone. The texture is smooth and quite moisturizing, so it's a nice balance between matte and glossy.

I have yet to find my favorite, holy-grail mascara, so if you have any suggestions please let me know what has worked for you, or if you have tried any of the items I mentioned I would love to hear your thoughts!

Have a splendid week!


  1. I have this Maybelline Highlighting Concealer and in my opinion it's great too <3
    Love it ♥
    Great post :)

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  2. I absolutely love Tarte makeup! And Lauren Conrad is so pretty! Nice post :)

  3. Love the Naked foundation!


  4. Amazing products! I really want that Lauren's book! =)

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  5. Love the color of that lipstick! I can see myself wearing everyday! :)

  6. I loved the foundation from urban decay! I also would love to give that mac lipstick a try as well! Amazing choices!


  7. The Naked foundation is one of my favorites!

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  8. I'm with you- that Naked foundation in the jam! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  9. I have never tried an Urban Decay foundation but its great that it has lasted so long for you! I may have to try it haha :)

  10. Lovely favorites! I'm addicted to that CT palette!