Monday Motivation #5

Quote of the Week: 

Favorite Discovery: Darling Magazine 
Recently one of my colleagues recommended me Darling Magazine - an advertising-free and reader supported magazine that features thoughtful topics on the "art of being a woman". The overall aesthetic and design is what captures me the most. I love flipping through an artistic compilation of visuals and words that teach, inform, and encourage. It's nice to not be flooded with advertisements for once and being able to enjoy the photography for it's raw beauty. 

The best part about Darling is that none of the women in this magazine have been photoshopped in any way. It's so refreshing to see women of all sizes featured without erasing their flaws, and this magazine has instantly become a favorite in my morning ritual.  Darling makes a wonderful coffee table book, not only because of it's lovely appeal, but also for it's quarterly coverage on what we love most: fashion, lifestyle, art, and food. 

On another side note, I found an old treasure buried deep in my closet: my beloved polaroid camera! Polaroids came back in style recently (as if you ever need an excuse to go vintage) and with Ms. Swift's new 1989 album release, it certainly made capturing experiences instantly gratifying.  I remember buying this camera from my local Wal-Mart back in 2009 when I gravitated towards capturing raw images around me. I love that Polaroids don't include enhancements just like Darling Magazine. Both items have no filters and allow the world to see a real mirror of one's individual beauty, which is so rare in today's world. 

I highly recommend checking out Darling as I'm sure you'll find it a lovely addition to your reading list.