Monday Motivation #4

Happy Monday!

I know it's kind of a late post, but have you ever woke up and felt like you have a million things to do? It was definitely a productive day filled with tons of work emails, planning for Halloween, and starting a new exercise regimen: the bar method ( which I highly recommend - it's like an intensive ballet workout!)

Anyways, there's several things that have made Mondays even better. One is seeing an amazing flick this past weekend that is so good you can't stop thinking about. For me this movie is Gone Girl. It was a phenomenal film. The casting was on point, the acting was amazing, and Director David Fincher just blew me away. I expected nothing less from him since I really enjoyed his other movie, The Social Network, but with Gone Girl he captured the film's essence perfectly. And just like every book junkie, I read the novel beforehand and was thrilled how identical it was to the movie which makes sense since the author wrote the screenplay. I highly recommend this film if you haven't seen it yet. It'll constantly be on your mind after the credits end and even whenyou continue on your week.

Other exciting things coming up is Fall finally being in full bloom with leaves turning colors, the weather getting chillier, moisturizing with my favorite Blood Orange lotion, and pumpkins galore everywhere!

Hope you all had a fanatic weekend!


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