Wedding Guest Attire

When I found out my college roommate was engaged, I was ecstatic mainly because she's going to marry her high school sweetheart and the love of her life, but also due to the fact that it will be my very first wedding to attend! It's surprising to realize that in 24 years of my existence, I've never been to a wedding ceremony and since it was my first time I wanted to make sure everything from my outfit to the buying presents followed perfect wedding guest etiquette. 

For my attire, I went for a simple yet elegantly fitted dress with a gorgeous shade of pink. I love the ruffled detailing and the overall silhouette. It's a very romantic dress. Perfect for the occasion. 
 To complete the outfit, I made sure to accessorize with some of my favorite jewerly; A gold statement bangle and a pastel ring that matched wonderfully with my dress. And thanks to my mother, I was able to borrow her lovely and chic, Channel purse which I hope to one day own. 

Dress: Zara / Jewelry: Kendra Scott / Purse: Chanel

What is your wedding guest style?

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  1. great dress, you look pretty.